Friday, August 14, 2009

My Testimony

by Molly Noble Bull

God touched my life at an young age and gave me the gift of mercy, and I thank and praise Him for it. As a result of this wonderful gift, I feel deeply for those who are persecuted or treated unjustly, and it should surprise no one that I joined the pro-life movement before January 22, 1973—before Roe vs. Wade.
I happened to be watching television on the day in 1973 that the Supreme Court declared Roe vs. Wade to be the law of the land, and I immediately phoned Alice, my good friend. We wept together over this landmark Supreme Court Ruling, and as we sat there, sharing our grief over the telephone wire, another news flash came on the television screen.
Lyndon B. Johnson, former president of the Untied States, has just died at his ranch in Johnson City, Texas.
Yes, both of these events took place on the same day.
No longer was Roe vs. Wade the top story of the day. Roe vs. Wade was quickly buried under pages and pages of information about the life and death of President Johnson, and all hope of getting the news out about legal abortion seemed hopeless. Many if not most people didn’t even know abortion was legal, and those that knew thought abortion was only legal during the first trimester of pregnancy.
But I knew. My friend Alice knew, and millions of other profilers knew. We just weren’t able to get our message out.
In my next blog, I will explain why our pro-life message was hidden for so long.